In today’s world, we are blessed in that there are so many affordable teeth whitening options available. Having a beautiful smile has never been so easy. You can literally walk down the street and find electric toothbrushes, whitening gels, whitening strips, whitening pastes, and many other bleaching agents immediately available at your local stores.

For those that want a more intensive whitening there is a procedure known as LED whitening that should be considered. It involves using light emitting diodes to get rid of stains from your teeth in what many believe to be the least invasive way possible to produce excellent results.

How exactly does LED whitening work?

The procedure involves the dentist covering your gum and lips in such a fashion that your teeth can remain exposed, while the soft tissue is protected. It may seem obvious, but a great tip to remember before going for the LED procedure is to brush your teeth. Give your dentist an easy time by ensuring you have clean teeth and fresh breath during your appointment.

The dentist will apply a solution on your teeth at the beginning of the process. The solution can either be specifically bleach-based, or one that does not contain bleach but other agents. The type of solution the doctor uses will largely depend on the kind of teeth stains you have. A bleaching solution will be used on deep stains that exist even under the surface of the teeth. If your stains are minor and on the surface, the doctor will have no need of any bleaching agent and can proceed accordingly.

The next step is to shine a specialized LED light directly on the teeth that have the whitening solution pre-applied on their surface. The light’s work is to activate the whitening solution to start breaking down the stains on or beneath the surface of the enamel.

So, is the LED whitening procedure safe?

One thing that makes LED whitening one of the best teeth brightening options is that it does not affect the gums by causing irritation or discomfort in any way. The whitening gel used in the LED procedure contains substances like glycerol, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid among others, which are not likely to cause you any harmful effects.

The American Dental Association Journal carried out a study that suggests that LED whitening is very effective in creating brighter attractive smiles on previously stained teeth. Therefore, if you had any doubts about the procedure, you need not worry because the results will match your expectations.

Unlike other whitening treatments such as UV light whitening treatment that can cause burning of gums and soft tissue, teeth sensitivity and teeth damage, the LED whitening procedure has been proven safe and does not damage the enamel of your teeth.

Why should you consider LED whitening?


You probably thought that the procedure is costly, but there are in fact many affordable home kits available alongside having your Dentist do it in office. The LED lights that are used during the procedure are actually very cheap and you can even get them at local stores if you know what you’re doing! Though it is highly recommended to use a prepackaged kit if you are to whiten this way at home, you can purchase the LED lights themselves for as low as $3. Of course, you need the whitening agents to go along with them, but as you can see this is not an overly expensive endeavor.

Easy to use

As mentioned above, if you cannot afford or arrange a dentist’s appointment, you can still carry out the procedure by yourself from home. There are many home kits available and a quick search will reveal a wide array of options.