If you have been thinking of a way to lighten the shade of your teeth, remove the stains, and make the teeth brighter, then you should consider Zoom whitening. Sometimes your teeth may develop stains even though you have been brushing them every day. Stains and discoloration of teeth may occur as a result of drinks and spices such as:

  • Red whine
  • Cola
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Curry

Smoking tobacco can also diminish the shiny appearance of your teeth, so if you were thinking of starting to smoke, you may want to stay away from the tobacco because it will affect your physical look. Some medications can also affect your teeth. Whichever reason led to the discoloration of your teeth, it does not really matter because Zinc whitening can help solve the issues.

Is zoom whitening permanent? Keep reading to find out how long the results of the procedure last.

Here is how Zoom whitening works

When you visit the dentist’s office for the Zoom whitening procedure, they may use special Zoom light that will help to quicken the bleaching procedure by activating about 25% of whitening by hydrogen peroxide. As the chemical breaks down, oxygen penetrates into the enamel and dentin in order to bleach the stained structures within the tooth, without damaging any nerves or soft tissues in the tooth.

It is advisable to consult your dentist first before you embark on the zoom whitening procedure, so that they can carry out various tests to make sure that the bleaching process will not have any effect. The dentists may analyze your gums to make sure that they have no open surfaces through which the bleaching chemicals could seep into your blood stream. Your dentist may also need to determine whether your oral hygiene is sufficient enough maintain the whitening results after the procedure.

Zoom whitening procedure

The procedure itself takes less than 60 minutes. The dentist will cover your gums and lips in a way that will leave your teeth exposed. The Zoom whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide will then be applied on the surface of your teeth.

Zoom light will then be directed on the areas where the whitening gel is applied to activate the gel to penetrate your teeth and break up all the stains causing discoloration. The zoom light should shine on your teeth for about 15 minutes while the gel remains in place. If you have sensitive teeth and are concerned about the procedure, rest assured that you will not experience any teeth sensitivity because the dentist is required to apply a fluoride paste on your teeth to reduce any sensitivity.

Please note that Zoom whitening is not recommended for expectant mothers, lactating mothers, or children below the age of 13. The chemicals in the whitening gel may have adverse effects on them.

Zoom whitening procedure guarantees you results that may last up to 24 months after the treatment! Your teeth may remain stainless for an even longer period if you take proper measures to take good care of your teeth.