Typically the saying “you get what you pay for” is true, and when it comes to tooth whitening services, this tends to apply as well. There are many types of natural teeth whitening products and whitening toothpaste options that can give you whiter teeth, however, this will take time and consistency to see results. If you do not have the patience for using these types of products and are looking for a more immediate solution, you may want to invest in professional whitening services.

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is a great option if you want immediate results and can afford it. Most professional whitening services cost around five hundred dollars, but this will depend on the service you get, the location you live in, and the dentist you go to. You can always shop around for the best price, but be careful. Make sure you always use a dentist that is a member of the ADA and has before and after pictures available along with testimonials.

Here are some of the best professional teeth whitening services currently available.

1) Boost Teeth Whitening

This professional service is only performed at a dental office. The procedure takes about two hours to complete and generally costs around five hundred dollars. You will, however, see immediate results and often can achieve amazing, rapid results. This whitening service uses a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel that can help remove dark stains from your teeth and brighten your smile.

2) Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is a special form of hydrogen peroxide gel that is used in conjunction with a special lamp. This type of teeth whitening is one of the most popular forms of laser whitening services, and is widely available. The service is offered by most dental offices and can only be used in a professional environment. It delivers immediate results in less than an hour and will cost about four to five hundred dollars, depending on the specific dentist and location.

These whitening methods have been used by people all over the world and are highly recommended by the American Dental Association. While these services can provide immediate results, they may need to be used more than once if you want to have the same white smile for the rest of your life without changing your habits.

For example, if you enjoy a morning cup of coffee, a wine with dinner, and dark colored soda throughout the day, you may be staining your teeth over time. These drinks can cause stains to your teeth and reverse the progress that you make, so be careful. To help maintain the results for an extended period of time, you should always take good care of your teeth. This includes using whitening toothpaste, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, rinsing your teeth with water after eating, flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist.

Each type of tooth whitening service comes with potential side effects like increased tooth sensitivity and more. As always, it is important that each person talks to their individual dentist before starting either professional or at home teeth whitening services.