Your ability to have pearly whites like those of movie stars gets easier by the day. Now you can whiten your teeth using a whitening pen. The great invention uses carbamide peroxide, which is basically just a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and urea. When you use the pen on your teeth daily, it releases bleaching substances that will stay on your teeth for long periods of time as they slowly react with any stains on the teeth.

The carbamide peroxide in whitening pens helps to prevent your teeth from experiencing sensitivity after use. The chemical substance also plays a big role in ensuring that the teeth whitening invention experiences a long shelf life.

Before using any whitening agent, always ensure that you check the percentage of bleach in it. A safe teeth whitening product should contain around 10% to 12% of hydrogen peroxide and if it has carbamide peroxide, it should have no more than 35% of the chemical.

Here are 5 best teeth whitening pens you can consider:


If you are looking for a teeth whitening pen that will not cause any sensitivity to your teeth, then the AuraGlow pen will work just fine for you. You only need to apply it to your teeth twice a day and it will eventually clear away any decade-long stains your teeth may have. The whitening gel in the pen will give you service for about 15 applications before it runs out. Within 60 seconds after application, the gel dries up instantly allowing you to go on with your daily tasks.


Looking for a bleaching agent that will transform your smile without affecting your teeth sensitivity? VieBeauti is just what you need. The whitening pen contains carbamide peroxide, which will sooth your teeth and make the gel more durable. The amount of gel in the pen is enough to serve you for 20 applications. For maximum results, apply a thin layer of the whitening gel to each stained tooth.


This quick acting whitening gel will dry up in only 30 seconds after using the pen. The tiny structure of the pen makes it portable and you can easily fit it into your purse or pocket. A package of AsaVea comes with a pair of whitening pens that will each give you service of about 20 application, and help you achieve that attractive shiny smile you desire.

Zero Peroxide

Just as the name suggests, this whitening pen does not contain any hydrogen peroxide. Instead, the pen has baking soda, aloe juice, chamomile, and pomegranate extracts that will give you a gentler experience. After applying the gel, you must leave it on for around 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Although the application time is long, rest assured that you would not suffer from any irritated gums or bad taste.


The whitening gel in the pen will stay on your teeth for quite some time. The pen is slow acting but guarantees results at the end. Unlike other whitening gels that aim to destroy your enamel, the Fairywill pen will protect your enamel with its slow acting agents. The pen is clearly high tech thanks to its nano sponge that will help get rid of plaque and bacterial build up by scrubbing them away.