There are many different ways that people can whiten their teeth and get the smile that they have always dreamed of. From home kits to natural products to professional services, there is something to meet your exact needs. While teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile, it is possible that it can cause some negative side effects.

Painful Side Effects

Most of the time, teeth whitening is not painful and will only cause some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. However, the amount of pain and sensitivity you experience can depend on the products you use and the frequency in which you use them.

Surprisingly, some of the natural remedies for tooth whitening can cause the most pain. Using hydrogen peroxide or baking soda will cause extreme sensitivity to hot and cold if they are used for more than a month. In addition, they should only be used a few times a week. If they are used on a daily basis they can wear down your enamel and cause pain.

While professional services are the most expensive, they are often the least painful. If you are able to afford professional services they may be the best option because they allow you to be seen directly by a dentist. The dental professional is able to watch over you and ensure that you only feel minimal pain or discomfort. This can also provide people with a sense of calmness and relief.

If you choose to use at home whitening strips or whitening trays you will likely experience sensitivity immediately after use. They can cause gum swelling and may wear down your enamel. If they are used too frequently the pain and irritation could be irreversible.

Some teeth whitening options that should cause almost no pain at all include tooth whitening toothpaste and changing your diet. Whitening toothpaste may take longer to work, however it will not cause sensitivity. You can also change your diet to find foods that do not stain your teeth. Avoiding dark colored drinks and acidic foods will help you get whiter teeth without any negative side effects.

Tips to Avoid Pain

1. Talk to your Dentist

Before trying any tooth whitening product it is best to check with your dentist and tell them about your whitening goals. Your dentist will be the best person to help you find a product that is right for you. They are also knowledgeable about all of the different products available and will be able to answer all of your questions.

2. Follow Packaging Instructions

Another way to prevent pain and irritation is by reading and following the packaging instructions very carefully. Some products are okay to use daily, while others should only be used about twice a week or even less. Read the directions and do not use more often then what is deemed okay.

3. Avoid Long Term Exposure

Before you start the process set a goal for yourself. Once you reach your goal make sure you stop using the products. Short term use is the best way to prevent sensitivity and pain.