There seems to be endless products and services that allow people to whiten their teeth these days. As always, however, before using any of these products you should consult your dentist for his or her advice. If you explain your goals and your budget to your dentist they can help you find the results you are looking for, in the safest fashion.

One of the biggest concerns people have is the timeframe that it will take to whiten teeth – we want it now! Some natural methods are extremely accessible and affordable, however, they will likely take more time to see results than a professional option. Professional whitening services may show you same day results, however, they can be much more costly than DYI choices. The products you choose to use will determine how quickly you can see results, but be careful of any safety trade-offs. Here are some of the top whitening methods that can deliver high quality results.

1) Brushing with Baking Soda

One of the most widely used natural methods to whiten teeth is to employ baking soda. To create your own baking soda toothpaste you need to combine two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of water. Stir this into a paste and then begin brushing your teeth. You should use this in addition to traditional toothpaste, but only use it about two to three times a week. Anything more than that and you could begin compromising your enamel. Using this method may take about one to two months to see results.

2) Whitening Strips

Another one of the most popular whitening methods is to use OTC whitening strips. These strips are produced and manufactured by almost every dental brand around the world. You can purchase these strips at any grocery store or pharmacy and use them immediately. Each package comes with its own directions for use and should be followed closely. Users can expect to see some results after only one use, but will tend to see better results each time it is used.

3) Zoom Teeth Whitening

This procedure of teeth whitening involves applying a baking soda gel and utilizing a special light to help remove stains from your teeth and get a whiter smile. This procedure is only available in a dental office, however, the results are immediate. The procedure takes about thirty minutes and will likely cost about four hundred dollars.

4) Activated Charcoal

Another natural way to whiten your teeth that has been gaining in popularity is to use activated charcoal to polish your enamel. You can use this fine black powder on your toothbrush and brush it into your teeth. The activated charcoal can help remove stains from your teeth and give you a whiter smile. This method of whitening will likely take about three weeks to see results. Like baking soda, you should not over use this technique as it can lead to weakened enamel.

5) Boost Whitening

Another form of professional whitening services is the Boost whitening method. This whitening procedure uses hydrogen peroxide in a special form to whiten teeth. The dentist will apply this material to your teeth and let it work for about two hours per session. The results of this whitening procedure are immediate and you will have a remarkably whiter smile in less than two hours.

6) Whitening Toothpaste

One of the most affordable and popular ways to whiten teeth is by using whitening toothpaste. Brushing with this type of toothpaste daily can help you see brighter teeth in about two weeks to one month. Results may vary, but this is generally one of the safest and regulated methods of whitening available.